Our Mission

The TTF believes that increased transparency results in fewer untruths, less corruption, and less abuse within religious institutions. We aim to promote transparency through the following three methods:


Investigative Reporting

Whether supported by our sources’ documents or not, we investigate and report on problems of corruption and abuse within religious institutions.


We provide anonymous sources a secure way to come forward with sensitive and confidential documents.


When a recurring problem is made evident by our work, we may attempt to correct the issue by contacting legislators and raising awareness in the public.


When deciding what documents to release and stories to pursue, we heavily consider the following three guiding principles:



Religious institutions should be held to the same societal and legal standards as other nonprofits concerning the transparency of their finances.


Policies and procedures of any religious institution that directly affect its membership should be well-known and publicized.


Statistics on all claims of abuse, percentage of claims involving law enforcement, and associated settlements should be regularly published.