Press Kit & Reference Guide

When referencing and citing the Truth & Transparency Foundation (TTF), authors are encouraged to use the following guidelines:

  • When first referencing the organization, the full name is preferred: “the Truth & Transparency Foundation”. In subsequent references, it may be shortened to “the TTF”.

  • When describing the TTF and its mission, please feel free to reference and quote the About and Mission pages.

  • When describing the TTF’s relation to MormonLeaks and FaithLeaks, the following are appropriate and accurate:

    • The TTF is the the parent organization of the MormonLeaks and FaithLeaks projects.

    • MormonLeaks and FaithLeaks are operated by the TTF.

    • The TTF started in November 2017 as a 501(c)(3) to accept tax deductible donations on behalf of MormonLeaks and FaithLeaks. In late 2018, it was decided the TTF would become a nonprofit newsroom to facilitate investigative reporting efforts based on the releases from MormonLeaks and FaithLeaks.

    • For more context, please see the “Our Story” section on our About page.