Truth and transparency within religion by means of whistleblowing, investigative reporting, and activism.

Our Projects



The Truth & Transparency Foundation’s (TTF) mission initially began with the launch of MormonLeaks in December 2016 by Ryan McKnight with the assistance of Ethan Gregory Dodge, Scott K. Fausett, and other, anonymous volunteers. Through 2018, it published sensitive and confidential documents from the Mormon church and has contributed to constructive commentary related to Mormonism in various news outlets around the world. The site continues to serve as an archive of documents released by the TTF related to Mormonism.


FaithLeaks was founded in November 2017 by Ryan McKnight and Ethan Gregory Dodge at the request of many people from many different religions and across the belief spectrum. It serves as a way to attract information from all religious institutions. Through 2018, FaithLeaks published sensitive and confidential documents from all religious institutions around the globe. It’s publications have been featured in many different languages in media all over the world. The site continues to server as an archive for documents released by the TTF.

Mormon Essays

From the early days of the Mormon Church, certain facts were intentionally white-washed in order to portray things in a more favorable light. In the Information Age, the Internet has brought these facts to light sources other than the Church. In response, the Church has published a series of essays prudently and selectively addressing several of these topics. However, the essays are not easily found. Whether poor design and marketing or continued efforts to suppress these facts, the essays seem to have been buried deep in the Church’s website. Motivations aside, Mormon Essays was created to gather and display links to all the essays in one easy to find location.

Mormon Essays was originally started by an anonymous former member of the Mormon Church, but has been part of the family of projects for The Truth and Transparency Foundation since 2017.