The Org

The Truth and Transparency Foundation (TTF) was founded by Ryan McKnight and Ethan Gregory Dodge in 2017. It was inspired by conversations with others regarding the success and journey with MormonLeaks. Many other former members of various faiths approached Ryan and Ethan with the desire to partner with them and establish similar projects for their respective organizations. As time went on, the demand became increasingly obvious and the two decided to launch FaithLeaks provide the avenue for anonymous sources of all faiths to increase transparency and expose corruption. TTF exists as the parent organization of the MormonLeaks and FaithLeaks projects and aims to establish and promote guidelines and standards for religions and religious non profits to keep to avoid deception and corruption and promote truth and transparency. More information can be found by reading the organization's mission and objective statements.

The Team

Ryan McKnight

Ryan is a Las Vegas based regulatory auditor who played an instrumental part in making public the Mormon policy forbidding children of gay parents from being baptized. He quickly became the de facto middle man between anonymous sources and the public on nearly all things related to Mormonism. In October 2016 Ryan released 15 videos of top Mormon officials in private meetings exposing Senator Gordon Smith's (R-OR) loyalty to the Mormon Church. In December of that same year he launched MormonLeaks.io. He holds a Master's degree in accounting from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Ethan Gregory Dodge

Born and raised in Utah, Ethan considers himself a Secular Mormon passionate about truth. A cyber security engineer by trade, he currently oversees all technical operations of TTF, its projects, and has worked with Ryan on MormonLeaks since nearly the beginning originally assuming the identity of Privacy P. Pratt. He believes strongly that greater empathy and understanding can be achieved through listening to and sharing lived experiences. As such, he is the producer and author of the My Mormon Experience podcast where he details his Mormon upbringing. He has a Bachelor's degree in information technology from Utah Valley University and blogs at egd.io.